Manufacture Facilities


  Ningbo HENGXU Aluminum Co., Ltd. now has established dozens of production lines for aluminum extrusion products, surface treatment and machined aluminum alloy parts. The equipment, to name a few, are including 10K-tonnage extrusion machine, oxidation, electrophoresis, painting lines, CNCs and many other machines. The company adheres to the principle of "quantifying production on market ability and distributing responsibilities to person". The production plan and material purchasing will be arranged only after receiving customer orders. A reasonable production management system consisting of ERP, PDM, MES has been established to improve the production process, ensure production schedule, and track the quality of products, thus ensuring the delivery terms.


  In the process of improving the quality inspection system, HENGXU has realized that it has to change the traditional quality management mode and the way of thinking, to enhance the quality awareness, to establish traceability awareness, to improve the quality of work independently, so that "quality control integration" can be effectively carried out, and the quality inspection system being perfected according to international standards, both of which will significantly improve product quality, so as to get better benefits at the same time guarantee the quality of products.





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